Nightengalent College of Health

Designed and Assembled in Ghana

Set on 1 acre in Adenta overlooking Ghana’s capital city of Accra, NCH campus combines traditional design, modern technology and environmental best practices – creating an inspiring base for young Africans from diverse backgrounds to live, collaborate and study together for generations to come.

An 80-minute drive from Accra's airport

An hour’s drive away from Accra’s airport, Ashesi’s campus provides serenity away from the bustle of Accra, and is free from distractions to studies. The campus location overlooks the capital city of Accra, and on campus facilities support a varied set of learning and recreation activities for students. However, the campus is still close enough for students to travel into Accra to attend an event, or to do some quick shopping at the mall.

Student Housing & Recreation.

Nightingale provides housing options as part of efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students. By increasing opportunities for teamwork, enabling closer friendships and creating room for community, residential life serves as an important venue for student learning. There are eight lounge areas within the different student dorms, where students can engage in recreational activities, host events or other group activities. There are also two multi-purpose court for sports like basketball and volleyball, and our new sports centre, featuring a football field, running track, and gym, will be completed in September.

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